NFL Preseason

Posted: August 1, 2010 by Jeff Craig in NFL

I woke up last week in Denver, had a bowl of cheerios and read the Denver Post. It was full of Bronco’s training camp coverage. It then hit me, I’ve got Bronco Fever worse than I’ve ever had it before. I’ve never been so excited about a 3rd string quarterback in my entire life. I found myself in Church that morning trying to decide who in the AFC west would be the biggest threat; a San Diego Charger team with internal issues? A Raider team that hasn’t been able to get it right for 20 years? Or the Chiefs (who I hate with a passion after the final game of last season) who are handing their offensive reigns over to the freshly fired Charlie Weis. (also predecessor of Josh McDaniels in New England)? I decided to break down the AFC, and these are my six playoff teams from the division

1. Indianapolis Colts- They had a terrific season last year, and will be kings of the AFC mountain until someone has the guts to take it back. Plus, I’m really liking the nickname they gave Peyton Manning last year on MNF, “The Sherriff”

2. Baltimore Ravens- We all know about their defense, it’s a killer. But they’ve molded quite the offense this year with Joe Flacco at the helm throwing to wide-out Anquan Boldin and TE Dennis Pitta, that will become a huge pass threat. As well as Rice has been a good threat on the ground.

3. New England Patriots- Simply put, with Revis holding out, and they are looking good to win the division. I’m not a huge fan of the offseason moves by the Jets, even that they aquired LT. I think he will prove to be less effective than they hoped. I don’t think Miami will outdue NE either. Chad Henne, Brandon Marshall, and the wildcat won’t put up as strong of numbers as Bill Belichek and Tom Brady. Plus they got Welker back, that’s scary.

4. Denver Broncos- I know it’s a long shot because they have a lot of question marks. Each question mark, in my opinion, is in their favor. For example, there is a question at the QB position, and I think that two of the three players are capable starters and the third is a great backup. It came down to the wire last year, and I think they got significantly better since that loss.

5. Cincinnati Bengals- I’m just putting them in their cause T.O. and Ocho in the playoffs would probably be the most watched sports related event since, “The Decision.” Only less ego.

6. NY Jets- If Revis can work out his contract with the team, a strong defense in the NFL is a valuable asset. I like them to take that last spot over Houston.


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