Why we Love College Football

Posted: July 30, 2010 by Jeff Craig in NCAA Football

I don’t consider myself to be above average. In fact, when I look in the mirror on game day, I see the same thing every other sports fan sees, an excited, hopeful, optimistic fan who for a lack of better word, is, “married” to the game, for better or worse. Fans have always had the worse rap of them all however. We’re the ones falling victim the one hour special inflating the ego of a basketball player who has lost his will to compete. We’re the one’s paying higher ticket prices because our favorite receiver wants to be the highest paid receiver in the game. And we’re the ones who suffer a lockout when things don’t go the millionaire athlete’s way. It’s tough, I know. But week after week we’re watching, praying that out team scores that touchdown or makes that basket. Hoping that this will be a walk-off homerun and end the game, it never fails.

That’s where college football comes into the mix. I once talked with a guy who got together with his brothers every year one week before the season opened to watch Rudy as a sort of, “kickoff” to the season. Talk about wholesome American traditions. I’ve always loved college football because it’s so versatile. Only in the NCAA do you see running backs run for 200 yards in a game. You’ve got your scholarship- pro level talent on the same field as your walk on’s. Plenty of mismatches to make an interesting game, and the lack of contracts amongst players keeps the game that much more pure.

Having said that, there are things that kill college football, and subsequently hurting its loyal fans. All the talks about money and BCS bids, is the system broken? Not as much as people would like to think it is. That’s coming from a Mountain West fan right there. People talk about these AQ conferences like they are publicity stunts, and they’re not. Looking back on the NFL draft, the top ten picks were full of SEC and Big 12 players. The MWC didn’t have hardly anyone go in the entire 7 rounds. Until we get a lot more pro talent, you can’t criticize the BCS for choosing the most electric guys in the game to play in their championships, and congress should butt out. One day the beloved MWC will get made into an AQ conference and all this talk will end. Until then, it’s just fuel to the conversation fire for us sports fans. For every one of you fans out there, who just lost their star player because the owner wouldn’t overpay them in the middle of a recession, or whose team is going to get knocked out of the playoffs by a bunch of guys who had nothing better to do than stack their team? For everyone whose team can’t win a World Series because the Yankees and Red sox have been soaking up all the glory. Let your ear rest on college football. It’s a sports fan’s last hope to a fair deal.


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