BYU has representation

Posted: July 28, 2010 by Jeff Craig in BYU, NCAA Football
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Posted by Jeff Craig

A quick letter to BYU fans reading this blog. You are not alone. I have been granted access to give posts from time to time on the blog in order to show support for the BYU fans out there. My posts will cover a range of topics from, why joining the Pac- 10 made Utah equal shareholders with Lane Kiffin for the title of NCAA’s biggest clowns, to Jake Heaps who’s nickname I’m still working out, and the hope he brings to all BYU fans waiting for a BCS busting year. Stay tuned for a great football season everybody.

  1. Tanner says:

    Wow that’s the first time you’v said you show support for byu fans. Congrats.

  2. Dan Condie says:

    This isn’t my post Tanner. Its Jeff Craig and he is a HUGE cougar fan! He’s my gift to you cougar fans for the torture-like season you’re about to have.

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