With NCAA football fall camps opening up around the country the next few weeks, it’s time to get pumped and ready for college football people!

I gave my MWC predictions last week for which place each team would finish in the 2010 season. Now, with media days for all the conferences this week, and all the attention being given to college football, I figured I’d give my predictions for who will be conference champ at season’s end in each BCS and mid-major conference in the FBS.

So lets cycle through the BCS first shall we?

SEC West Champion: Alabama

SEC East Champion: Florida

I think that if Urban Meyer can get the offense in gear by the time conference play starts, they will be the favorite in the East. Alabama has a powerhouse team coming back and looking to repeat as National Champions. I give the edge in the SEC championship game to whichever team loses when they face each other  Oct. 2 @Alabama. That’s the way this game seems to turn out the last few years. Neither team seems able to win 2 in a row against the other.

Big XII North Champion: Nebraska

Big XII South Champion: Texas

This was a no-brainer conference to pick this year. Unless there’s a breakout team in the North/South this year that surprises everyone, Texas and Nebraska seem to be the 2 teams with their ducks in a row. (Not that Texas has any problems reloading positions year in and year out) I give the edge to Texas in the Championship game as they will assuredly want to give Nebraska a nice kick out the door to the Big 10. Nebraska has the chip on their shoulder but without Suh, they don’t have the defensive talent like last year to exact revenge.

PAC 10 Champion: Oregon

This one was a little tougher. I was deciding between Oregon, Washington, and Stanford for the top spot and what it came down to was the schedule difficulty. Stanford has both Oregon and Washington on the road, Washington has Stanford at home and Oregon on the road, while Oregon has both Stanford and Washington at home so the edge goes to them.

Big 10 Champion: Ohio State

With all the talent returning to the Buckeyes next season and the unanswered questions for a lot of the other teams in the conference, Ohio State should not only win the Big 10 conference this season but challenge for the national championship as well. (Assuming Terrell Pryor finally plays consistently)

ACC Atlantic Champion: Florida State

ACC Coastal Champion: Miami

Florida State to me seems the clear winner in the Atlantic division with the progress they have made the last few years and Chris Ponder returning for his senior season. The Coastal division was a little tougher. A lot of people are expecting great things out of North Carolina but if they don’t get better production out of the offense this next season, I don’t see much hope for them to take the division. Miami has a fast, exciting offense with a mobile, talented quarterback in Jacory Harris. Miami showed flashes of brilliance last season but flickered out before season’s end. I give Florida State the edge in this game if they can make it through one of the hardest schedules of any team this year.

Big East Champion: West Virginia

This pick came down to Pitt or West Virginia. I give West Virginia the nod here because 3 of the last 4 games on Pitt’s conference schedule are on the road @Connecticut, South Florida, and Cincinnati.

MWC Champion: TCU

As much as I would love to vote with my heart here, I think that TCU has so much returning talent on both sides, they have to be considered the favorite. Although the Utes have the schedule to their advantage with TCU coming to Salt Lake but they will have some catching up to do, I think, in order to catch TCU.

WAC Champion: Boise State

I really don’t think this one needs an explanation. They are returning almost the entire team that finished 4th in the nation last season.

Conference USA Champion: Houston

Houston has a top 10 QB in Case Keenum coming back next year and should make some noise again in the C-USA next season.

After all is said and done, I’m sure a few, if not a lot, of these picks will end up way off. But that’s the best part about the off-season right? Speculation and high hopes.


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