Mountain West Conference Preseason Rankings

Posted: July 21, 2010 by Dan Condie in NCAA Football, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV, Utah, Wyoming
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Its that time of year again. Conference media days are just around the corner and the speculation is starting. Who’s the strongest? Who’s a contender? Who’s the weak link and who’s a cupcake?

The winner of the Mountain West Conference has gone on to a BCS bowl game each of the last 2 years. That tells us a lot about the competition within the conference. It has been on the rise the last 2-3 years with 3 teams finishing in the top 25 the last 2 years (TCU, Utah, and BYU)

With this being the Utes last year in the Mountain West Conference, I am very excited to for this next football season. There will be a lot of bad blood between Utah and the remaining schools as they’ll no doubt try to show the Utes they aren’t so great and bring them back down to earth.

As for myself, I hope that the Utes do prove that we’re so great and contend for the Mountain West Conference championship. The Utes definitely have home field advantage on their side this season as both TCU and BYU come to Salt Lake City in November (11/06 and 11/27 respectively)

The BYU game intrigues me the most simply because they have the most to prove. BYU, along with its fans (even if they wont openly admit it) are upset that Utah received an invite and they didn’t. Anyone who says otherwise or tries to pretend the Mountain West Conference is better is lying to themselves and should be ashamed to call themselves fans. Personally, if the tables were turned, and the PAC-10 had invited BYU to their conference and not my team, I would have been furious. And that knowledge makes me feel empowered and makes me feel like I’ve won the battle. BYU has one last shot at the Utes to leave a bad taste in Utah’s mouths leaving the conference , just as they left a bad taste in our mouth at the end of the ’09 season.

TCU returns much of their talent and power and are far and away the team to beat in the conference this year. But that being said, they will have Utah on the road toward the end of the their season and you never know what can happen with injuries and flukes. The Horned Frogs also start their season against a talented Oregon State team on 9/4 at a “neutral” field in Arlington, TX. The Utah game is the single challenging road game the Horned Frogs will face this year, placing them in a good position should they beat Oregon State.

So without further ado, my Mountain West Conference Preseason Rankings

#1 – TCU

#2 – Utah

#3 – Air Force

#4 – BYU

#5 – Wyoming

#6 – San Diego State

#7 – Colorado State

#8 – New Mexico

#9 – UNLV

So there you have it. I’m sure this will open itself up into a run down of each team starting with the last placed UNLV and working up to TCU before the season kicks off.

  1. Jeff says:

    Interesting comments there Dan. BYU in 4th place, and you didn’t even give them the option to finish ahead of Utah on the poll. Lots of trash talk for one post. As for the MWC not being better than the Pac 10. You are absolutely wrong. How many years in a row has the MWC had a winning record against the Pac-10? We lose one BCS buster and gain another. The Pac-10 gained a National Title contender in Utah, and lost another in USC. They might as well join the Junior College division. They’ve lost tons of scholarships and commits for 2012. It’s not happening in the Pac-10. Utah just became the clowns of the NCAA by leaving a legitimate (soon to be AQ) conference for a conference so light in the loafers that the not a single team finished in the top 10 last year. Good luck man.

    • Dan Condie says:

      Jeff, I see BYU finishing 4th for the sole reason that I think TCU and Utah wil beat the entire conference spread with one team losing to the other and the other going undefeated in conference play. I think Air Force will put up a fight against Utah because thats just how it goes for that game but BYU has to travel TO Colorado Springs after their sure lose to Washington and will be followed by a loss to FSU. I really think BYU has a good chance of starting the season 0-3 (0-4/5 worst case scenario)

      Air Force has a mobile quarterback (which we all know BYU can’t defend)

      As far as not giving BYU a chance to finish ahead of Utah in the poll, check the fifth down. If you think anyone in the conference BESIDES Utah is going to finish ahead of TCU, you are painfully mistaken friend.

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